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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • Best Types of Heating - Tubular Heaters

    Tubular heaters

    These are resistance type heaters and perfectly suited to heat small areas of the home,caravan or workshop these low wattage wall or floor mounted heaters are ideal as a "background heat" and perfect for frost protection or to help de-mist windows.

    A tubular heater doesn't dry the air like a convector heater or similarly with a radiant panel heater but they do provide a very low cost heat for use in areas where you may have a damp problem which does not allow the space for a larger heater.

    It is worth mentioning that these heaters are designed to be left on 24/7 to give the best benefit as they do take a while to heat up, once turned off and back on again it may take up to a day or so for the heat to start giving the area the warmth it needs to keep damp and frost at bay.

    Dependant on where you install the tube heater it is also worth purchasing the tube heater guard as these little heaters do get incredibly hot to the touch, so if using where anything can fall on top of the unit or where small children and animals are located definitely get the guard to keep it safe and secure.

    Where are tube heaters generally used?

    These types of heaters have been designed for use in any damp and humid area such as green houses, garages and drying rooms in commercial or domestic settings but more commonly used in boats, workshops and caravans along with kennels.

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