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Payment methods

We have many ways in which you can pay us for the products and these are all available via the checkout process on our website.

However for those who understandibly dont want to checkout to see here they are:


you can pay by cheque by running your order through the checkout process and choosing "cheque" as the payment method which will then give you some instructions on where to send the cheque and who to make it payable but i will list here just incase:

Cheque Payable: WashroomUK LTD

Send Cheque to: Unit 17, Old Royston Avenue, Royston, Barnsley,S71 4FZ

Please note we bank as often as we can but its not always possible to bank the same day we recieve the cheque so there may be a slight delay in getting the cheque to the bank, once the cheque has been banked we will wait until it clears before we dispatch the goods so if you need the goods quickly it may be worth while making a bank transfer:

Bank Transfers

We can also accept bank transfers to do this please contact us at and we will send over our bank details for payment, please note when making a bank transfer please use your order number as the reference so we can match any payments quickly.

Credit/Debit Cards

We can accept all major credit and debit cards either online through the checkout process or over the telephone for telephone orders, however we do check al payments against the order details and in some cases we may need to ask for some Identification i.e. bills and driving licence to confirm you are who you say you are, this is for your safety and ours against fraud. All cehckout card transactions will require a 3D secure verification to complete the order.


We accept paypal but will only dispatch to a veriied address if your address is not verified we may refund your order immediately and ask you pay via credit card or bank transfer

Purchase Orders

We can accept a school, local government or hospital purchase order without an account setup.


We can set your business with an account for with a credit limit however all accounts can only be setup after your first order has been placed via card or other payment method